Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Caroline/Don't Stop Believin/Heal the World/Forever & Ever Amen

      Oldies = Goodies, in the way of: Old friends, classic rock, original country, first pet, first car, etc. I have been reunited with a few of these during my time at home, or at least had instances which remind me of them. It really goes to show, that although some things you can't get back, as long as you maintain and update the things you still have, they stick around for a long time. :) (Reminds me of the song "Shoebox" by Chris Young. Check it out.) Catching up with friends, I once again realize how lucky I am to know such people that are motivated, genuinely happy, and well in a few cases, genius.
       During this past week at home I have come to enjoy walking to the store to pick things up for my parents, including other errands like the bank and pharmacy. I guess its good practice for Germany :). I've also gone for a couple of runs and a bike ride, and spent some much-needed time playing with the dogs. I envy how excited they get over the simplest of things. I am going to miss having them keep me warm.. but I won't miss the 6:37a.m. daily wake-up call that they so lovingly utilize in order to trick me out of bed space. Needless to say, I love the mutts (term of endearment).
      There have been some hurdles to jump over while being home, and more than anything, my patience has been tested. When I am in school and working, I can focus on exactly what needs to be worked on, and what I need to work on personally, be it patience or what. But, at home, with so many distractions it has been more difficult to keep in mind my daily practices of patience and mindfulness. And it's most obvious when my parents... well, when they act like my parents (questioning and bossy). They have every right to do so, but needless to say, I am working harder than ever on patience vs. reaction. And one day, just like countless other things in my life, I will appreciate my parents for their [inadvertent] "training."
       And to be honest, it's been a bit of a challenge to keep myself prioritized. Each day is different rather than being on a set schedule, so there has been much more free-time, and much less obligations. I don't know what to do with it! I'm much more organized when busy, haha. Regardless, there has been so much to do to get ready to leave. And even more to do once I get there. No one tells you about all the fine print associated with each little step (Then again, when have they ever?); insurance, scholarships, paying tuition after credit conversion, exchange rates, visa, residency, housing, passport, flight, luggage, luggage restrictions, train timetables, class approval, credit conversion, phone numbers, bank accounts, and lets not forget trying to fit everything u could possibly need for 6 months into 2 bags. However daunting this seems though, it cannot cap the sheer excitement of actually being able to do this. I can't wait! (At the very least, to finish packing!)

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  1. OMG! I love this photo of Dart! Please forgive me for not remembering your other baby's name. This will be an instant hit online somewhere:) I'm so glad that all is well with you and you are still learning and growing even before you get to Germany! We miss you much and look forward to the next update. Hey, I just posted a comment via blog instead of email....go Dedra, go Dedra!