Want some more personal advice on workouts and fitness? Check out these pages:

ShWOD - I wouldn't be fit without the challenge and support from Stephanie. 

The Petite Athleat - This girl has a mean ab workout, some delicious recipes, and great tips for all around workouts including cross-fit and distance running.

Lift Big Eat Big - Great group of lifters/cross-fitters who understand the challenges of eating in a  Normal life while being an Extreme athlete. Lift Big Eat Big: "Don't Let your Knees Go Past Your Toes!": Aimee Anaya  Article written by Jay Stadtfeld for

Looking for a way to be active? Don't know where to start when it comes to competitive racing, runs, obstacle courses, or how to even start training for such things? Here's a few sites to get you moving: - is a great source not only for upcoming events, but for tips on how to train and what to eat.

And if you haven't discovered these handy money-saving tools yet (It's free to sign up and you get great deals for fitness, food, and more!) :

Groupon Coupons

Living Social Coupons

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