I'm Leah. When I first started this blog, I was 21 years old, working 2 jobs and taking a full load of university classes. I was preparing to study for a semester abroad in Bamberg, Germany and thought I would keep my family & friends at home in touch with a blog. I found, that there were too many words and not enough time to keep it up... and I have since learned the value of "short, sweet, and to the point." I may not be short myself, but I can guarantee that the posts here will be - while still full of information to help tackle whatever adventure you are on yourself; travel, lifestyle change, etc.

Although so much has changed since I started this blog, I can still say my two feet are firmly on the ground, the sun is shining after days of rain, and each day is one day closer to a new adventure.

Learn something, Know it, Do what you have to, and Be the best at everything you do.

leahwithoutamap: Life does not have a road map. Life is a highway. Take a back road. Choose the path less traveled. Whichever way you look at it, theres always something there that you weren't expecting, or something you didn't see before. Don't let fear misguide you. Here's my journey.