Friday, March 8, 2013

What's the Rush?

This week has been a lot of ups and downs. In exercise, in work, in overall health - mental and diet. Yeah, its called LIFE. We've all heard it, and we all have our own ways of dealing with it. I've been struggling lately with trying to "figure out" or decide what the next step in my life will be (career, grad school, moving, etc.). Nowadays there are too many options and yet too many restrictions or pre-requisites that society demands before a person can make a change or start something new, i.e. Anyone that has graduated within the last 5 years or so has often heard: a Masters Degree is the new Bachelors. Spending 4-5 years at a university and busting your assbutt for honors and staying so busy class, work, studying, clubs, sports and oh yeah LIFE, that when you graduate you can never remember how you ever were that busy to begin with... isn't good enough. All that money and time will barely get you a job that pays as much as a full-time hourly position waiting tables. And what about all of those who have gone straight into Masters and are getting paid the same amount of money to do a job that 5 years ago someone with a Bachelors was being paid the same amount to do. What IS good enough any more?

But that's another question.

My dilemma has been the rush. I seem to be in this insane hurry to get somewhere I don't even know yet (which is why I mentioned the above). I have options, which is a blessing, when there used to be hardly any options and when so many people don't have options, but I don't know what option will be the best. Which is silly, because I won't know until I do it. But regardless, it feels like I should already be halfway there, because god forbid I get stuck where I am already. Which to be where I am today is an accomplishment, but it hardly ever feels like it because I am so focused on what's next even though I have no idea what that is. Why can't we all just be like dogs who just appreciate a loving family, a roof over their heads, food twice a day, and a comfy place to nap?
Yep, my foot is apparently a pillow. 

And I do appreciate all of those things. But... I always wonder what else I should be doing. My life is a work in progress... and there is certainly no map with a direct route. It definitely feels like the never-ending forest right now. 

I will say, however that I did keep my promise to run. 
Of course, having a fun reason like the Glow Run was certainly motivating. Even though it was FREEZING.

Even after a harsh a.m. workout and I have been making a whole-hearted effort to eat clean. 
That Key Lime Greek Yogurt is to DIE for - only 160 calories and packed with 11g of protein!

Although, at this current day certain house guests have kept me eating out (apparently the food in my fridge isn't tasty enough for some people). And if you have seen the past entries of this blog... you might have noticed my yummy experiences in Germany and although this is not German food, it is a craving I have not been able to quell since coming back to the states so when I had the opportunity to eat it, no way in heck would I pass it up. 
a Doner, a.k.i.a.a (also known in america as): a Gyro YUM

And it felt nice to just slow down for a minute and appreciate this work of art food. I'm beginning to really understand and appreciate "the Power of the Pause." So until next time...

That's all folks! 

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