Monday, January 24, 2011

Beginning Thoughts

I think I am reaching a turning point here. The past weekend/week I have been slowly beginning to pack my life up here in Jacksonville... and I do mean slowly. Late Saturday night I finally just started putting stuff in boxes, and today after work and waiting to go to dinner, I decided to pull all of my clothes out of my closet. Luckily, I had already started 3 piles when doing my laundry this weekend; take, maybe, and leave behind. Packing for 6 months is going to be hard. I can pack for 2 weeks or even a month - but 6 months... is proving to be a bit of a challenge.
      Thankfully, my dear friend Alessa came to the rescue [after our delicious dinner of New Orleans cuisine at Gumbo YaYa's - TRY this place - prices, food, and service is GREAT!], she willingly sat and went through my piles and now i just have 1.... that may have to be wittled down again. There were laughs, scares, scowls, and a few tears, but I parted with a majority of my well-worn clothes, to be packed and stuffed away somewhere for the next 6-7 months... sigh... Hopefully, I won't have to take too much more out of that 1 pile.
       In less than 1 week now, I will be moving all of my things back to Orlando and re-packing my things for Germany. (AHH!) I only have to pack the rest of my kitchen, bathroom, and clothes, and then finish some paperwork, work a few more days, load up the car and go. EEK! (are you catching on to my anxiousness?) Its funny, right here before getting ready to leave it feels like there is so much going on and so much I'll miss. I guess a lot of people would say thats how it usually is, but I am going to miss Jacksonville, UNF, my friends, family, and yes even work (at least my coworkers). It is a brand new year for me, in so many ways, and there hasn't been one semester thats been the same as another yet, so I guess this is just another semester... except I'll be thousands of miles away... and very cold...
         Haha... Alas, well at least I have been told that I seem to have everything together, though to me I have no idea exactly what I am getting into. Oh its going to be a strange & awkward yet wonderful & awesome adventure... =)

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